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Augmented Reality Theater
Role:ideation, team lead, research, AR software development
This project explored possibilities for Augmented Reality in Theater. In collaboration with a workshop-style theater class, the AR Theater team developed a couple prototypes that demonstrate how AR can expand the experience of attending a theater performance. There were three prototypes: The Program, the Prayer Wheel, and the Tarot Cards.
The Program
With the help of Artivive (startup from skydeck) we designed a program that is filled with hidden scenes and director and actor interviews. AmazingMollyled this portion of the project an filmed and edited all of the actors for the AR Scenes.

For the AR experience audience members could download the Artivive app and point their mobile device at the play’s program and enacted scenes or interviews play overlayed on the program.
Prayer Wheel
This experiment was a laser cut spinning wheel that mimics the tibetan prayer wheel (prominent theme in the play).

For the AR experience audience would spin the wheel, scan a question and leave an audio message answering it. Audio messages become little fires in AR that other people can click on and listen to.
Tarot Cards
Audience members could take Tarot cards home that represent different characters in the play. Each tarot card contains a small animation that represents that character’s inner emotions. In a way it is a window into unseen feelings and moments the characters go through before and after the duration of the play. These cards were used to give audience members a sense of continuation of the play, as if it lived on beyond the live performance.